How Touristlink Premium Membership works?

Over 20,000 travel business owners are already using Touristlink and every day 100+ new travel packages are getting added on Touristlink. As a Touristlink premium member your profile and travel offers will be displayed first in our listings and you will be able to interact directly with travelers. Once you’re a premium member our marketing team will help you with the promotion of the package.

What the Premium member gets?

a) Premium Profile
b) Professional review of the profile to gain better attention
c) Marketplace Certification
d) Can communicate with the travelers and add as friends
e) Ads Free Listing
f) Social Media Marketing
g) Email Marketing Campaign
h) Featured listing on the content pages/ home Page

What does the premium membership cost?

We offer two premium options;
A) Silver – $19 Per month
B) Gold – $49 Per month

The subscription to above package is recurring and your credit card will be billed every month. Gold members get promoted in our email campaigns, home page and weekly on our social networks.

Note: Member can cancel, downgrade or upgrade the subscription at any point of time. But once the subscription is processed you need to continue for that month.

Snapshots of Social Media Marketing for a Package

Facebook Promotion

Google Plus



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Improved Package Layout to Gain Travelers Attention

Golden Triangle Tour From Abid Khan 2015-02-19 13-27-55

Featured in our weekly newsletter

Fetured in Weekly Newsletter

Enchanced Travel Offer Layout
Enchanced Travel Offer Layout

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