How to invite reference from past travelers? help you to make your profile looks good by providing the module to ask the past travelers to post reviews/ reference for the travel packages they previously booked with you.

Please use the following step to email the past traveler’s to post review.

Step 1) Login into your account

Step 2) Navigate to Profile Page

David Urmann    Profile

Step 3) Click on profile score

David Urmann    Profile score

Step 4) Click on “Get Recommended”

(You can also navigate directly to to access the module)

David Urmann   Recommended

Step 5) Enter the email address of the past traveler

David Urmann    Reference    Invite

(Make sure your privacy setting is set to public, navigate directly to to update privacy settings.)

David Urmann Privacy Setting

Step 6) Make any changes in your message content

David Urmann    Msg content

Step 7) Click Send

David Urmann  Send Invite

An email will be sent to the provided email address asking them to post reviews. The posted review will appear publicly online on your public profile page as shown below.

David Urmann    Reference

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