How the Lead Notifications are Prioritize & Queued for Agent timely sends out notifications of new leads to all the registered travel agent who has subscribed to the alert as per their alert setting at

These alerts are sent to a large number of agents and one can always expect a delay between 10 and 75 mins to receive the notification as per the set criteria. We do prioritize these alerts as per the following criteria:

1st Priority: Subscribed Agent
— You can subscribe with us anytime at Depending on the subscription as Gold or Silver your account will be prioritized.

2nd Priority: Certified Agent
— The certified agent is given the higher ranking and so is processed after the subscribed agent. You can certified your account by following the step list at

3rd Priority: Verified Agent
— The verified member are those who have provided the documents related to their travel business as stated at . Once the account is verified you will be moved up in the notification queue.

4th Priority: Frequent Buyers
Frequent buyers are those who previously purchase the same sort of leads and have good positive reviews from the guest.

5th Priority: Agent order by Rank earned on websites
Lastly, all the agents are appended on the notification queue based on their activities on the website which gather points and your profile ranking on You can review our point-earning criteria at

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