Difference between buying lead credits and buying leads

Touristlink works by connecting tour operators and other travel providers with travelers. Tour operators and travel agents can grow their business and find new customers by buying leads through the Touristlink lead module.

What is a travel lead?
A travel lead is an individual (traveler) who has expressed an interest in a particular travel destination either for a vacation, relaxation, adventure, or some other purpose like a business visit, etc.

Once a traveler fills out one of our inquiry forms we immediately make the information available so that interested travel providers can buy the lead, contact the individual, and make a sale. A lead contains the travelers’ contact information and a brief description of what the traveler is looking for in a tour.  The price of a lead depends on where the traveler is coming from as well as the traveling destination. The logged-in member can view the available travel leads by clicking here

What are leads credits?
As Touristlink operates worldwide we have numerous travel providers from different countries purchasing leads from us. We found it difficult to display the cost of the travel leads using the local currencies of the traveler providers.

In order to simplify the process we operate using a credit system. The cost of the lead is shown in credits. Each credit cost $0.25 USD (US Dollars) or in other words you can get 4 lead credits for 1 US dollar. You can check different credit packages as follows online by clicking here

  1. 200 LEAD CREDITS  = $50 USD
  2. 400 LEAD CREDITS  = $100 USD
  3. 1000 LEAD CREDITS = $240 USD
  4. 2000  LEAD CREDITS = $480 USD

*Additional taxes & online transaction fee may apply as per the business country.

You can review our current lead prices.

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