Account Reputation Score has a system in place which computes “Reputation Score” on every travel agents and tour operator profile. The system takes into account various factor to calculate a score on a scale of 0-100.

The list of the factor which are involved in the calculation of the “Reputation Score” are as follows
a) Review from the Genuine traveler about the services offered by travel agents
b) Online Presence on the and other websites.
c) Completeness of the Account
d) Content on the Travel agent website
e) Leads purchase and their feedback from traveler about the travel agent response
f) Presentation of the refund request and genuineness of the same.
g) The complaint from the travelers in or other such websites.
h) Communication with the Support Team
i) Running the account smoothly as per the Terms & Conditions
j) Responsive to the traveler queries and questions from
k) Accessibility of the Agents to our Team when needed.

A score of 0-20 is very poor while a score of 80-100 reflects the very best in quality and services!

To be eligible to take part in active support and priority services, agents must have a reputation score of 80 or higher. To be eligible to participate in instant access to the quality leads, agents must have a reputation score of 90 or higher.

We built the reputation system to promote the highest quality services possible.

When a new agent joins the site, they are automatically assigned a score of 70, considered to be “Very Good.” This score will rise or fall based on the overall quality of the services they offered, as well as their involvement in the website. The scores are updated every few days.

Agents can improve their scores by providing high-quality services and receiving good reviews from travelers.

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